Celebrities, we look at them like they are above it all. They are rich and famous and so smart. The truth is they are no different than anyone else, in fact they are quite the same. Here are 5 Celebrities who invested money with Madoff and lost it all.


5. Steven Spielberg
The amazing sci-fi director got scammed by Madoff for an undisclosed amount of money. He must have thought that Madoff had a secret little alien friend who brought the profits from another planet.


4. Kevin Bacon 
Kevin also lost and undisclosed amount of money. Translation, when it’s undisclosed it means a lot.


3. Zsa Zsa Gabor
Oh Zsa Zsa what were you thinking, she lost $10 Million dollars. That’s a lot of money for an old actress.


2. John Malkovich
Mr. Malkovich claimed he was ruined financially by the Madoff scam for all he lost was $2.3 Million, geez John what happend to all the money you made in Hollywood?


1. Larry King
Mr. know it all Larry King lost over a million dollars with Madoff, I guess Larry missed that show about trust.

We made some slurs in our descriptions, but the reality of it is that this is a pretty sad situation. These people are just like you and me they just make more money, they are hard working and were scammed. It could happen to anyone, anytime.